April 25, 2009

Shot+Printed in Lüdenscheid

"Geschossen und Gedruckt" ist ebenso bis zum 19.5.09 in der Städtischen Galerie Lüdenscheid ausgestellt...

from Dirty Cars ©Diane Vincent

April 17, 2009

Today's opening "shot + printed" at c/o Berlin

Hello there,
my pictures will be included in the exhibition shot + printed. Please come by and say hello!
Best, Diane

Seltmann Photo Award 2009 18.4.-17.5.09
Opening Friday 17.4.09 7pm
Location C/O Berlin at Postfuhramt Oranienburger Str
Entrance Tucholskystr.19/21
10117 Berlin

from Dirty Cars ©Diane Vincent

April 15, 2009

Tree Stump

Those are the remains of the tree I've been doing photos of last year... remembering one of the first spring day, the trees in full cherry blossom, and me and Dillon climbing up the tree to take photos inside the passing magic.

Tree Stump, ©Diane Vincent Berlin April 2009

April 5, 2009

4.4.2009 in Berlin

4.4.2009 in Berlin, ©Diane Vincent