October 3, 2007

The Hippie Series

The Hippie Series is the first project I did for my Polaroid Picture Project. It's an idea born at the Fusion Festival earlier in the year 2007. I wanted images full of desire and longing for inner peace and soul and for love. It came in a time I was looking to romanticize everything, the people, the nature, the world, myself. I looked to transfigure the everyday occurrence, the loss of emotion. I looked for a way to crystalize in the rays of sunshine.
My shooting notes - besides Hippie, 70ies and Summer of Love - contained: white magic, catching the end of summer, daydreaming and dreamlike, melancholic, shooting stars, making love with the Polaroids.
At the end the Hippie thing... is made up of many soup bubbles and it comes all together under the sentence "All You Need Is Love".

The Hippie Girls, Berlin Summer 2007, © Diane Vincent

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