November 24, 2007


I'm asking myself... should I tell stories or shouldn't I? I kind of like the idea to show pictures without posting big words, you know, show the pictures and everybody can look at them with his own stories, ideas, dreams, thoughts, fantasies...
But what about telling stories in between? Little things like this:
Today I had come over another boy for my new series" boys boys boys!". He came in, and after a short amount of time I had a good feeling about everything and also about him being relaxed. As we started the shooting I began to look for my picture, and I searched for a while. The light.,.. the pose... and so on.
I know from posing myself that this search can feel quite strange to you as the posing model. Whatever, me being now behind the camera I'm all about for the search.
And then, all of the sudden I remembered my model having still his chewing gum (you can't chew a gum in front of a camera...) so I asked him to take it out. And I got the answer "I swallowed it, accidentally." I was like... no way... come on... but he really swallowed it!
I guess my model was just a bit nervous as I was... Swallowing a chewing gum accidentally... After one second I was back on my search for the great picture.

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