June 28, 2008

First Anniversary

It's time to celebrate!
One year ago I did my first Polaroid photos. It was at the Fusion, a great alternative festival near Berlin. Of course I had taken pictures before, like everybody, but the trashy and likewise beautiful plastic polaroid camera changed things...
...For me, making pictures is similar to doing music in my teenage life, where I tried to release my Angst and transform the aggressiveness... - "look your demons right into the eyes" (thanks Bonnie Prince Billy).
...I love to get inspired in totally different moods, and the best ideas might come in when I'm lost. Or being in an hang over, when the mind and body is so exhausted that it has no control and will (willenlos) and everything is just going going going without the borders boundaries barriers, without the moral judgment one constantly keeps in his mind.
...I've been creating pictures which were described as soft and touching, and going back in time. Now I would also like to create pictures who open you for gloomy moments, as happiness isn't everything (remember the demons).
I saw a new road to love the world I'm living in, and this road is like a dirt road but hopefully has no dead end... I'm high-spirited and keen on to drive this dusty road...
Thanks to everyone and everything who is supporting me. I need you.
p.s. Fusion, I'm coming!
p.p.s. Total aufgedreht und müde zugleich, empfindlich sein und unvernünftig, willenlos und voller Ideen.

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