July 6, 2008

Dedicated To The Plain People

Felicity can be,
Spending the afternoon in a park,
creating pictures with Jackson,
who likes to catch the special mood from the plain people.
The huge smelly dog,
who welcomed us taking a shit in the middle of the lawn.
Its name was Dante.
The blond haired girl,
making noises like a mouse while nibbling her popcorn.
The guy with his shirt with the word Ger├╝stbau written on it.
He just came from work, a Ger├╝stebauer.
Aishe, sitting on a bench and doing huge bubbles with her chewing gum.
And the tree climbing girl,
like a monkey she went up and down.

I forgot my mask in the tree.
Somebody else, maybe a little kid,
frightens now her parents with a strange mask.

I got sad news,
my grandmother died yesterday morning.
Just before I had this beautiful afternoon shooting with Jackson,
who likes to witness the plain people mood,
which means happiness.

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